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Dr Green's fees reflect his medical expertise, experience and training.  

For fees related to the hospital, please contact the hospital direct.

Further information on fees can be found on the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN)



New patient consultation  £300

Follow-up or Review appointment  £200

It is preferable for new consultations to be performed in person, to allow for a physical examination to be performed if necessary.  Subsequent reviews can be performed remotely.  There is no difference in cost between physical and remote consultations.


For fees related to specific procedures, please contact Dr Green's secretary.  In many instances a package of care has been negotiated with the hospital and it is possible provide one price that covers both the consultant and hospital fees.  Where this is not the case the hospital will need to be contacted separately for their most up-to-date costs.  



In many instances effective long term pain management is best achieved through multiple routes using expertise across different multidisciplinary professionals.  Where appropriate, Dr Green may suggest referrals to therapists to improve your rehabilitation.   It may also be necessary to request further investigations, such as  blood tests, ultrasound scans or MRIs.*

By consulting with Dr Green, you agree to his fees.  If you have insurance it is your responsibility to obtain approval otherwise you will be liable for the payment yourself.  In some cases there will be a short-fall that you will be expected to cover. 

Dr Green's fees do not include the cost of investigations or alternative therapies -

please contact the hospital for prices

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